[cablewiki] Re: Newsletter #1

  • From: No Name <futuremelt@xxxxxxxxx>
  • To: cablewiki@xxxxxxxxxxxxx
  • Date: Sat, 8 Jan 2011 15:46:08 +0000

Nice job on the templates.

Note: There is a Kohive now for use as a to-do list:

>I was wondering though, are we going to bother formatting cables
>nicely in
>the wiki?  Or just do that citation thing?  I thought that was
>half the job
>to make them nicer for people to read but could be a big job.

It is quite a big job, but there is some tidying that could be done
automatically. What if it was possible to integrate the Citation Generator
into a wiki page?

About your bot: Does it run via a cron job? Is there any issue with PHP
timing out when the script is running? Are you aware that the API tends to
fail sometimes for no good reason and some cables may be missed? I designed
my scripts around this, so we should share code.

There are a number of questions to think about before we start coding:

1. Are we going to translate the summaries the same way we translate the
--> If we are, what happens when someone wants to do a summary  but one is
not written in English yet? What happens if the English summary changes?
What about the citations from the English summaries?
2. Are we agreed about separating the Translation and Analysis?
3. Is everyone happy to use Kohive for task management?
4. Any other concerns?

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