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  • From: hadi <hadirezaei@xxxxxxx>
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  • Date: Thu, 29 Aug 2013 03:02:20 +0430

Please, do not install fs passangers
it's right that it makes the flight more realistic, but while in flight it actually ruinds the atmosphere if you're flying with michel. If you don't turn off all of its crash features, it keeps damaging your aircraft while your ajusting flaps and landing gear in flight, or when you do a bank, passangers start screaming, because the bank seems "too sharp" for them. Finally, at landing, since michel can't pull off landing rates above -300 most of the times, your tire gets exploded and you hear EMS and police sirons all over you, and the negative rate of your bad landing will ruind all of the flight report generated by FS passengers. (p.s with heavy aircrafts landing rates of -300 to -550 is considered ok, still)

On 8/28/2013 11:44 PM, Robert Cezar wrote:

You can certainly use FS Passengers with IYP, however, the application will be completely out of sync with IYP. For example, when you say, "Pre-Flight Checklist", and the doors are not even opened as yet, FS Passengers will be greeting the passengers on board. However, the taxi sounds are great, etc. So, if you do not care about the two applications making completely illogical environmental statements, give it a try.

A better choice might be Accu-Feel from A2A simulations.


It also makes some out of context observations, but closer than FS Passengers.

REGARDING: The Boeing 772 that you sent me

I tried interfacing this aircraft once before. However, the Auto-Pilot on the plane cannot be controlled by FSUIPC. It's too bad that the developers made the decision to create an auto-pilot that is completely non-programmable. I will try to control it via a means called "Super Classing", but I cannot make any promises that it will work.



On Wed, Aug 28, 2013 at 11:51 AM, Mitchel Snel <brailletijger@xxxxxxxxx <mailto:brailletijger@xxxxxxxxx>> wrote:

    heey guys,
    I am continually searching for ad-ons that enrich my flight
    so first I am wandering if you guys know any wanderfull add-ons
    besides iyp off course that can better my flight experience?
    secondly I have heared of fs passenger and I would like to know if it
    is something to consider as an extrqa add-on to use with iyp?
    thanks in advance, Mitchel
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