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Sorry, but it doesn’t help.


The problem has nothing to do with the choice of routing, but everything to do 
with the Bravo not being able to gain height quickly enough.


Although I haven’t tested the theory, I reckon that high altitude routing is 
out of the range of most propeller aircraft.




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Refile your flight plan and save it in your saved flight plans. 

But in this case when you refile the flight plan, use alt h for high alt. 

Never fly low alt. 

Hope that helps.


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Hi Guys


Alas, I tried a flight from Santiago Chile to Mendoza Argentina, and slammed in 
to the mountains.


The impact sounded fairly soft, I may have survived.


Aircraft was a Bravo.


Flight plan was IFR using low altitude airways.


The plan suggested a height of 2 3 0 .


I couldn’t gain height quickly enough.


The Bravo was happy to climb at around 800 feet per minute.


I guess if I’d flown VFR I could have flown in circles until I gained enough 


So guys, any way of making that Bravo climb quicker?


If you attempt the flight, it’s only short, I’d be delighted to hear how you 
get on, or see you in hospital, provided rescue reaches me in time of course.



Ron and current Leader Dog boz who states "that a service dog beats a cane 
hands down any day of the week."

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