[bvipilots] Re: FSX and sim brief flight planner?

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I never use book a flight, what does it do and how does it work Sarah?
Many Thanks.
73's from one ham operator to another.

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Here is an odd one for you guys. This happened before I got MCE but I notice that if I do the following it does not work.

1. Click free flight
2. Click the flight planner
3. pick your departure port and dest
4. click book flight
5 follow any prompts to finalize the flight
6. click save and type in the name of the flight.

If I load a flight I don't see my new flight plan in the load dialogue. I am trying to remember how to navigate that dialogue. Lol! I know I'm missing a step but I really can't remember where. Hehahaha. I should add the same thing happens in sim brief if I create a flight there to.

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