[bvipilots] Commenting on my first IYP VA flight.

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  • Date: Fri, 4 May 2012 17:49:38 -0400

Hi to all.
I finally took the plunge today and flew my first IYP VA flight.
At this time I want to thank Robert for the new up dated Simple ATC world.
It was because of the new up grades that we all helped with helped me to fly in the new IYP VA world. I say this because we no longer have to try and memorize everything and read everything back correctly like we would have had to if we still were attempting to fly in the super ATC world. A normal sighted pilots has everything they need at their fingertips probably via a kneeboard that they can glance at when they need something. And of course unlike us they can write down notes when needed aswel on the fly.
I flew the IYP VA Fl 252 from Denver to Chicago flight.
We were at 350.
I need to ask for some feedback here from my fellow BVI pilots that I had asked Robert about. I say that the cute little english lady should be silent when the fo and ATC is talking. I found it hard to hear the little english flight attendant when they were talking. I recommended that she not be talking when the fo and or the ATC is giving us instructions. Or simply turn up her volume by say two to three percent when talking in the background of the FO and ATC or up about one to two percent when it is just her talking.
I was curious what my fellow new IYP VA pilots thought about this.
Now I can be wrong about this.
Maybe Robert and other knowledgeable IYP VA pilots can educate me on this point as well.
For my denver to Chicago flight.
The TTD or Time to departure was 1755 or in real time 1355 my time here on the east coast. I recommend taking a look at the flight just after the top of the new hour to help to find that perfect flight.
how did I find that perfect flight?
This is a valid question.
I first when out to the IYP web page and went to blind pilots click here then to the BVI flight schedule.
I found a couple flights that I liked.
I then fired up FSX then IYP and went to the va window and looked them up and found my flight.
My question here is as follows.
The TTD was for 1755 I started the checklists at 1750, which gave me only five minutes to go to the before start up checklist to welcome the passengers on board the plane. Should I have Waited until say 1745 instead of 1750? Because the 1745 would have given me ten minutes to the before startup and to make sure everyone was safely on board. Also, I ran down the before taxi, the taxi, the before take off and u[p through the take off and climb out while the english lady was giving the safety lecture. Should I have waited until after she was finished with the brieffing then start with the before taxi and so on? I thought that the statement given by the flight attendant that we'll be starting our descent in about five minutes is a extra nice feature to tell us BVI pilots that we will be starting our descent shortly. I think I did one thing wrong with my first flight that I'd appreciate assistance upon. Michelle said to me something like I recommend that we start the approach now or it would be a good time to start the approach now and I took her advice.
My question is this.
Should I have started the approach then, or waited to the normal area to run the approach where you say recognize approach clearance, the say contact tower.
Then to say recognize landing clearance when the tower give is to us.
So this is my report on my first flight.
Blind Pilot.

Ron and current Leader Dog boz who states
"that a service dog beats a cane paws down any day of the week."
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