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Good morning to one and all.
Here's are my comments to my flight last night for IYPVA FL 253.
We flew from Chicago Midway KMDW to Denver Centennial KAPA at a TOC of 360.
First for Jordan and all.
I sure can't wait until windows nine comes out so that I can upgrade this old unit. I say this because of the following that you'll see in the DVR record that is attached to this letter. You'll see that I had to use the voice command Restore Sim and Run Sim to keep the sim running. You'll also see that just before takeoff to double check that the acars and the GPS was set I used the voice commands to make sure they were running.
With that said I notice the following in the flight.
1. Michelle told me when we got to our assigned TOC of 360 that we reached 36,000 feet and that we were leveled. But she did not give the normal ETA speech to the passengers like she normally does. I'm going to try and fly IYPVA FL 226 or it is IYPVA FL225 at 17:00 later today and see if it happens once again like it did last night. 2. About I'd say roughly 200 miles before starting our descent we lipped downwards about 300 miles and you'll see I was trying to fix that. We at least were able to stay in the air and the local ATC didn't yell at us to climb back up to our assigned TOC of 360.
Besides the above mentioned points I had not problems with my flight.
Jordan, I was flying the B738 aircraft though.
Hope that helps you out.
Now for Robert.
A recommendation and a question.
First the recommendation.
It is cool for the IYPVA mode the flight attentant in charge will give a soal count and give it to the fo just before the before start up checklist. Now I know you don't want to have the wave files going off for the GA flights in the off line mode.
This is ok with me.
But is there a way to have say Micheele tel the camptain that we have so many passageners on board and with the two of us make so many soals on board.
Say if you use the voice command that what is it passengers equals say ten.
If you were to use that command Michelle would say that we have twelve soals on board.
Ten passengers and with the two of us makes twelve soals on board.
And if you don't using the voice command Michelle could say something like it's just the two of us on board today.
It make flying more realistic that way.
Now the question.
As you'll see from the attached file for the GPS I used the following three voice commands
a. Activate GPS.
B Set nave GPS to GPS.
C. Michelle let's fly to airport in this case K A P A.
Now do I have to use all three commands for the GPS, or can I just tell Michelle Michelle Let's fly to airport K A P A?
Please Advise.
Like I said earlier in this letter, I'm going to try and fly IYPVA FL 226 or is it IYPVA FL225 at around 1:30 EST for real time, 17:30 FSX time.
I then will let everyone know what happens once again.
For both Jordan and Robert, I hope this is helpful.
To the rest of my feelow FSX-IYP BVI Pilots, Like Robert keeps telling us to do
Keep The Blue Side up and continue to enjoy flying.
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