[burpg] Training rocket parts

  • From: David Sindel <dsindel@xxxxxx>
  • To: burpg@xxxxxxxxxxxxx
  • Date: Wed, 16 Oct 2013 00:00:31 -0400

Hey, so some of you guys managed to take the wrong parts. Here's what you
should have gotten:

Dora: 2x 3" CR, 1x 3" bulkhead, 4x fins
Falcon Heavy: 3x 2.56" centering rings, 1x 2.56" bulkhead, 2x 2.48"
bulkhead, 4x fins
Fantastic Four: 3x 3.9" CR, 2x 3.9" bulkhead, 3x fins
Here Comes Da Boom: 2x 3.9" CR, 1x 3.9" bulkhead, 4x fins
It's Not Rocket Surgery: 3x 2.56" CR, 4x 2.56" bulkhead, 3x fins
Salty Water: 2x 3.9" CR, 1x 3.9" bulkhead, 1x 3.8" bulkhead
Team Rocket: 2x 3.9" CR, 1x 3.8" bulkhead, 4x fins
T Minus: 3x 3.9" CR, 1x 3.9" bulkhead, 3x fins

And here's what the other two groups will get tomorrow:

Group 4: 2x 3" CR, 2x 3' bulkhead, 4x fins
Rockomax: 3x 3" CR, 2x 3' bulkhead, 4x fins

I know that Fantastic Four is missing a 2.56" bulkhead, and It's Not Rocket
Surgery a 3" centering ring. *If anyone else is missing any parts, I need
to know by noon on Wednesday (10/16). *All the Group 4 and Rockomax parts,
FF and INRS missing parts, and any other requests I receive by noon will be
cut and in the Tinker Lab by 2:00 pm.

*David Sindel*
Treasurer, BU Rocket Propulsion Group

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