[burpg] RPG Schedule Rev 2

  • From: "D. Armor Harris" <davidh@xxxxxx>
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  • Date: Sun, 1 Dec 2013 21:20:12 -0500

Hey everyone,

Sorry about the rapid change in plans, but it looks like we're not going to
be ready on the electronics and test stand fronts to support a Dec 8 cold
flow test.

That means that* we're going to push back a week and aim for for Saturday,
Dec 14th for the cold flow, departing at 9am.* The additional time means
that we should have everything assembled ahead of time to do a *dry run on
Friday Dec 13th starting at 4pm.*

So with the additional time and with finals approaching, *PLEASE MANAGE
YOUR TIME WELL* so that you finish your part of the RPG project and study
adequately for finals. Yes, that means studying early this weekend so that
you have the 13th and 14th free.

I highly suggest that everyone push hard to get your stuff done for the
cold flow by this weekend so that
a) you have the week after to study for finals
b) we all feel better about being able to have stuff that's working and
ready to go ahead of time
c) if there are problems we have an extra week to solve them as opposed to
not having any time to solve them

List of stuff that needs to be done by cold flow from the last email.
Please send me an update email on where you are at by *Wednesday 12/4* if
you are on this list. Thanks!!

   - *E-Regulator Housing*- Mehmet
   - *Firestarter Disconnect Housing #433*- Daniel Poe
   - *Firestarter*- Dean
   - *E-Regulator Controls*- Drew
   - *FCU*- Drew
   - *Cables*- Joe Beaupre
   - *Ground Control Software*- Abessari, Mirek, Brandon, Anish
   - *Firestarter ULD*- Carolina
   - *Nitrous Transporter*- Alessandro
   - *Nitrous GSE Plumbing*- Felix and Ashley
   - *3x Test Stand Transporters*- Sindel
   - *2x GN2 6ksi Ground Valves*- Mehmet
   - *3x N2O 1ksi Ground Valves*- Ben Ha
   - *12x Pyro Bolts, threaded for nuts*- Halstead
   - *U-Haul logistics-* Ben Ha
   - *Soccer Mom for Sunday- *Cory

David Armor Harris
Boston University Rocket Propulsion Group

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