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  • From: "D. Armor Harris" <davidh@xxxxxx>
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  • Date: Fri, 22 Nov 2013 14:54:35 -0500

Hey everyone,

Work session on Saturday at 10am. I'll make sure to get there right at 10.

*Monday:* It's pretty much going to be an RPG party all day in the wind
tunnel lab.

At 10am, we're going to get the finished oxidizer tank from SIF. Then we
need to plug all of the ports and hook it up to a pressure transducer,
slowly bring it up to about 100 psi using the air compressor and check for
any leaks. If there are leaks, we need to get it back down to SIF before
2pm to re-weld the leaks shut. Once we are good we need to get it in the
box and shipped by 4-5pm.

We need some people to rotate in and out throughout this time to help with
various things if you are available.

We will meet at 7pm in the wind tunnel as usual, following which Halstead
will give a CFD demo to people who are interested because we need more CFD
simulation help.

*Cold Flow Dec 7*
We are still looking good for the Cold Flow Dec 7, so we need everything
done and working by Dec 6.

Last year we made a GOX/acrylic hybrid rocket for E-week...it was ok, but
we can do better this year. Basically we need someone (or a group of
people) to make a new GOX/acrylic benchtop hybrid. Last year Emily just
hacked something together, but this year I'd like the people who make it to
try to maximize the performance that they can get out of it and use it as a
learning experience.

So you'll have to design an injector, size the fuel grain, design a nozzle,
predict the thrust and ISP, build it, and not kill us all when you ignite
it. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Y28xjl6o5vk

David Armor Harris
Boston University Rocket Propulsion Group

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