[burpg] Re: Press Team UPDATE (Meeting this week, 23 Oct. 9PM in Lab)

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I will come this Wednesday.


On Sun, Oct 19, 2014 at 1:44 PM, Samantha Cohen <sacohen@xxxxxx> wrote:

> Hey guys!
> I hope everyone's been doing well.  I know it's a super busy time right in
> mid-term season but I was hoping everyone could spare an hour on Thursday,
> 23 October at 9PM to meet for an hour and just catch everyone up.  I also
> want to break us down into teams (Marketing, Social Media, Video/Graphic
> Design, Fundraising). so come if you would be interested in working on more
> focused projects which I will explain at the meeting.
> So right now there's a lot going on with the group and I was hoping that
> we could get some people to volunteer for certain things so we can get this
> really going.  This is the timeline for this week.
> *20 Oct: Finish Press Kit*
> The Press Kit for the Starscraper is almost finished.  All we need is a
> NEW graphic of the Starscraper (Christine is working on it, or if anyone
> else has some information).  We'll attach the press kit to all initial
> contact with sponsors and send it out with our press releases and post it
> on our website.
> *20 Oct: Website*
>    - If anyone writes code (Joe M?), would you be able to figure out how
>    to move the table that holds the menus at the bottom of the website to
>    above the copyright and social media stuff, it would be greatly 
> appreciated.
>    - I need anyone who knows anything about any of the rockets to send me
>    a write-up of them so that I can put more and good information on the
>    website.  For example, if you only know ASTRo, send me a summary on ASTRo.
>    It would help A TON.
>    - Photos.  If you have any photos for the rockets or of BURPG in
>    generally send them to me or dump them on the Google Drive >> BURPG >>
>    Public Relations >> Media >> "*Appropriate Folder*."
>    - Video(s) -- Caroline, how are you doing on that?
>    - "About Page": Last call for you guys to put your names in the
>    Contact document on the Drive.
>    - THANK YOU <3
> *21 Oct: First round of e-mail to potential sponsors*
> *21 Oct: Press Release for Starscraper*
> BURPG should send out a press release for the Starscraper that we're
> launching in the summer and the Kickstarter that we're launching in two
> weeks.  Any volunteers to write this up?  I can send you the press kit when
> it's finished so you have that to assist you.
> *27 Oct: Press Release for Mk.IIb*
> BURPG should send out a press release for the Mk.IIb that we ran tests on
> next weekend.  I can write it up or someone can volunteer to do it (just
> email me)?, but I need someone who was there and knows what happens and can
> explain it to email me a summary.  We should also mention our Mavericks
> campaign in it and attach a couple of photos.
> Thank you guys so much for taking the time to read this.  I really
> appreciate all of the help.  Let me know if you're interested or can help
> in any way with any of the listed above.  Also, if you have ideas.
> I hope to see you guys on Thursday.  Email me if you are interested and
> can't make it.
> Good luck studying.
> Best,
> Sam
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