[burpg] Dry Run Complete

  • From: Armor Harris <armorharris@xxxxxxxxx>
  • To: "burpg@xxxxxxxxxxxxx" <burpg@xxxxxxxxxxxxx>, Justin Black <justin.a.black@xxxxxxxxx>, Caleb Farny <farny@xxxxxx>, Timothy Coyne <tccjoseph@xxxxxxxxx>
  • Date: Fri, 2 May 2014 01:12:56 -0400

Hey guys,

We finished the dry run a day early! We'll be doing another one tomorrow
for good measure (6pm) and will need some help packing the truck at 7:30pm,
and we should be done by 9pm.

On Saturday we will be leaving at 8:30 am, hopefully right at 8:30 since
there are a lot of people that want to get back at a decent hour on
Saturday night.

Just one more note, if you're a BU student and come to the test, you're
expected to help clean up when we get back unless you talk to me first. If
we have the whole crew it takes like 30 minutes. Last time it was just
myself, Dean, Joe, Sindel, Matt, and Halstead (aka the ones who had been
here all night for several nights) left to clean everything up, which
really sucked.

Let's go get this thing fired up, get the data, and move on to the space


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