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Hello all,

Assuming the Freelists mailing list can now deliver to BU addresses,
here's where we stand:

Tomorrow is the SAO Consortium meeting. We'll hear back about the
group's approval or denial within a week, supposedly, after the
meeting's conclusion. I'll keep everyone posted.

The server that will be running lug.bu.edu is online. The DNS changes
should be in the works, and with any luck, lug.bu.edu will resolve by
tomorrow. On that note, I'd like to put out a call for web developers,
especially those with an aesthetic knack - you may have been able to
tell by deconfused.org's layout that I am unskilled in the ways of web
design. We'll be incorporating a wiki at some point, but a few static
pages are always useful. Send me an email if you have any interest in
coding or designing any element of lug.bu.edu, all skill levels and
contributions welcome.

We also need to decide on a meeting place and date. In order to narrow
it down to what weekday works best for everyone, I have written a
quick IRC bot that should accept and record votes to a file on my
computer. Instructions for how to place a vote for what day you'd most
prefer can be found at . Don't
hesitate to vote. I'm liking the evenings, because any other time
during the day can be inconvenient for many people. Special requests
can be posted to the list or emailed to me.

Any other feedback, suggestions, comments, and ideas are more than
welcome on this list. That's why we're here.

Hope everyone's doing well,


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