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The following was posted to BUG Eyes -- the Blind User Group for blind and low 
vision computer users in the MD area:

I thought that this might be of interest to some of you.

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Dear Friends,

     I am volunteering to help spread the word about this exciting
research project.   Please publicize it and pass it along.  Thank you.


Ann Morris Bliss




Researchers at Brigham and Women's Hospital and Harvard Medical School
hope to survey 12,000 blind and visually impaired women in order to
identify risk factors associated with certain health disorders, such as
breast cancer and sleep problems. The results of the survey will help
both blind and sighted women make more informed lifestyle choices.  A
summary of the results will be sent to all participants annually.  The
survey is open to all women aged 18 or over who are legally blind.  You
can register for and complete the survey in the convenience of your own
home using our rigorously tested Section 508 compliant website at

< <http://www.bvihealthsurvey.bwh.Harvard.edu/>

www.bvihealthsurvey.bwh.harvard.edu.  The website also includes a
tutorial on completing forms, written by expert screen reader users. The
survey may also be completed in Braille, by audio tape, in large print
or over the phone.  If you would like more information or if you have
questions please e-mail Erin at bvihealthsurvey@xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx or
call 1-888-828-4294 (1-888-8BVIBWH).   


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