[BUG Eyes] Doro Koch, President George W. Bush's sister on Disability Matters

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Doro Koch, Sister of President George W. Bush to be featured on "Disability
Matters" with Joyce Bender

PITTSBURGH, PA- Doro Koch, sister of President George W. Bush will be
featured with Joyce Bender on "Disability Matters" on Tuesday, October 5,
2004, from 2 PM to 3 PM Eastern Time.  Doro is a national spokesperson on
quality of life and inclusion for Americans with disabilities.

Ms. Koch has campaigned extensively for her father, President George H.W.
Bush, and her brother, President George W. Bush.  She is a board member of
the National Rehabilitation Hospital and sits on several other boards
including the Bender Consulting Services' Advisory Board, working to promote
the employment and empowerment of people with disabilities. Ms. Koch is also
active in her church and children's school.

Ms. Koch is a graduate of Boston College with a Bachelor of Arts Degree. She
has returned to college and is currently pursuing a Masters Degree at Wesley
Seminary in Washington, DC.

The host of Disability Matters, Joyce A. Bender, is President and CEO of
Bender Consulting Services, Inc. (BCS) and its "sister company" Bender
Consulting Services of Canada, Inc. (BCSC).  BCS provides competitive
employment opportunities for Americans with disabilities in the areas of
information technology, engineering, finance/accounting, human resources and
general business.  In 1985, Joyce had a life-threatening accident due to
epilepsy, which caused an intracranial hemorrhage that required subsequent
brain surgery.  Against all odds, Joyce recovered from this accident that
left her with a 60 percent hearing loss in one ear and a realization that
she had epilepsy.  As a result of her personal experience, she developed a
passion for helping people with disabilities and founded both companies.
Ms. Bender is the recipient of the 2003 New Freedom Initiative Award from
the Bush Administration, as well as the 1999 President's Award from
President Clinton.

For more information on Joyce A. Bender and her companies, Bender Consulting
Services, Inc. and Bender Consulting Services of Canada, Inc., visit,
http://www.benderconsult.com or http://www.benderofcanada.com. To learn more
about Voice America, visit, http://www.voiceamerica.com.   Past radio
broadcasts are archived on http://www.benderconsult.com.


Upcoming guests include:

Date:       October 12, 2004

Guest:      Dan Sutherland

Title:        Officer of Civil Rights and Civil Liberties at the U.S.
Department of Homeland Security

Date:      October 19, 2004

Guest:     Ollie Cantos

Title:       Special Assistant to Assistant Attorney General, Civil Rights
Division, U.S. Department of Justice

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