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Hey guys,

Thanks for coming to the meeting! This is the first post of the mailing list, set up on freelists.org

To send an email to the list, send it to bufc@xxxxxxxxxxxxx and it will send it out to the other group members.

Hopefully we'll hear some good news from Leo and/or Paul about setting up an OCW test server in the CS department. I know at that meeting I said that MIT's OCW was an open platform, but I was mistaken. What I was thinking about was 'eduCommons', http://cosl.usu.edu/projects/educommons, produced by Utah State University. It's an exact clone of MIT's platform, which is really sleek-looking. eduCommons is used by a number of OCW schools internationally, and by Notre Dame and USU domestically. However, it requires a number of packages and libraries to install, but I don't think it will be too much trouble for anybody with the appropriate privileges.

Also, in scary and corrupt news, check out this article on Ars about a new bill in congress, the PRO IP act of 2007. The scariest thing about it, besides the major corporate backing and increased penalties for copyright infringers, is the proposed creation of the Office of the United States Intellectual Property Enforcement Representative (USIPER). Copyright cops.

That seems like plenty for a first post,

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