[bufc] [BU Free Culture] A Note about the Mailing List

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  • Date: Tue, 18 Dec 2007 00:31:23 -0500

Hey guys!

Okay, so I thought the mailing list emails were going out, but I got a message from the FreeList guys who said that the BU server is bouncing back all of the sent emails. Whoops. I'm a bit busy right now with finals and the like, as I'm sure all of you are, but hopefully I'll have this all sorted out some time over the break. Until then, if we could just do discussion via a group CC:ing.

If you didn't get the other emails I sent out, they are here:




Also, we were in the Daily Free Press, which caused the president of the OpenCourseWare consortium to get in touch and ask if we needed any help, which was nice.

I've been looking around and thinking about how to translate humanities courses into usable online materials. I think what works really well is having a copy of the notes,taken and donated by a student with a laptop, who in effect acts as a meatware-dictophone.

I'll expand and include that when I write up the Copyleft Migration Guide. I feel like we've been out of touch for while, so has any progress been made in getting our little server up and running? If you look at the first archived email, you'll see that I wrote about the eduCommons platform, which I strongly suggest we use.

In political news, Dodd's filibuster today was amazing and FISA might be doing down. Keep an eye on that one! Did any of you make any calls to support him?

Anything else you guys would like to discuss? There is an Open Art eventy thing coming up, maybe we could meet up and go to that or meet up with one of the other Free Culture chapters.


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