[buddhist-software-developers] Mindfulness at the Computer: Alpha 10 Release

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  • Date: Tue, 10 May 2022 09:33:26 +0200

Mindfulness at the Computer is a mindfulness and self-care application for people spending a lot of time in front of the computer

The application reminds you to take breaks from the computer, helps you remember to stay in touch with your body and be mindful of your breathing and body while sitting at the computer, and helps you concentrate on your inhaling and exhaling when you need a breathing pause

More info available on the application website: https://mindfulness-at-the-computer.gitlab.io/

# Installation

Please see the installation page on the application website: https://mindfulness-at-the-computer.gitlab.io/installation/

## Operating Systems

* Windows (tested on Windows 7 and 10)
* GNU/Linux (tested on Ubuntu 20.04 and 22.04)

Unfortunately we have not been able to build an alpha 10 version for MacOS because of lack of access to a computer with this OS. If you have a MacOS system and believe you can help us, please contact us using the gitter chat: https://gitter.im/mindfulness-at-the-computer/community

# New in Alpha 10

* The Breathing dialog has been redesigned
* Breathing notifications are now using system notifications instead of a custom notification
* New settings GUI - the settings have been simplified
  * Please note that settings are not backwards compatible with the alpha6 release
* The rest reminders and rest screen has been removed, and only breathing reminders remain
  * The reason is to simplify and have a single aim for the application. If you are looking for rest reminder applications to complement Mindfulness at the Computer please have a look at these programs: Workrave, Stretchly

# Help Us

We are grateful for feedback, for example please contact us if

* you find a bug
* have a suggestion for a new feature
* there are features you miss from previous versions
* have ideas for how to improve the interface
* have feedback about what you like about the application and how it helps you when using the computer

You can reach us by joining our gitter chat: https://gitter.im/mindfulness-at-the-computer/community

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