Ideas for a new web site (Русский текст см. во предыдущем письме)

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(Русский текст см. во предыдущем письме).

Good health to you, Dharma friends!

That's me again, Alex Constant Illumination (常照).

On December 29, new interesting texts in Russian were published:

- Brad Warner. Why Dogen?
It's the 1st chapter from "Sit down & shut up",
the translation courtesy of Dudkin Vlad.

- Sister Ocean. Six mantras of loving speech
On the practice of the Art of Communicating by students of Master Thich Nhat Hanh.

The original English text:

And now I want to share an idea with you: to make a web site for general public at large, without confessional direction. Centering that on self-development through awareness, understanding of various problems and questions in our daily life - and practices resulting from such awareness.

With clear seeing, being able to filter out "spiritual garbage" - i.e., low quality approaches - it's possible to direct readers to the very heart of the matter. It would bring a very useful site, efficiently helping many people with various life experiences.

A special mechanism of the site ("it's own engine", as programmers say) should provide:

1 - handy search and structuring information by topics;
2 - All users could choose topics and arrange them on their personal "desktops".
3 - We could track our practices and aims;
4 - and realize their links with other topics.

Also, Wiki (collective gathering and editing of information) and a public "Q & A" engine, so that people could discuss and develop our abilities.

The main problem here, it seems to me, is to provide the quality of discussions by participants, the quality of materials. For example, on fora useful information often drowns in empty chatter, arguments and so on.

Thus here are some ideas:

(1) "Q & A" format suits better than forum: distinguishing the approaches of every respondent, and not entangling them in between comments.

(2) Straightforward moderation - deleting or folding everything unconstructive into "the cellar".

(3) To guide participants to develop experience rather than opinions.

(4) Focus discussions on the three pillars:

- problem,
- its cognition,
- solving practice.

If anyone wants to participate - with ideas, materials, working on the web site, anything else - please don't be shy.

It's being thought as an "open source" project, public domain, which might be used by everyone for free, and which would develop thanks to self-organizing community.

With no advertisement. Not for the sake of commercial gains, but for the sake of improvement of your own life through improvement of the life of all.

I have found a cheap hosting; have started the project repository on Github (for programmers and for general discussion):

In the next several days I'm planning to open a forum to discuss working on the site, and for gathering people, materials, ideas etc.

During January I'm planning to deploy an alpha version of the site.

Write me. :)

Good health, joy and awareness!


Alex Constant Illumination (常照)

Discussion group "Buddhism" / Группа рассылки "Буддизм"

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