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FYI to everyone, the Wednesday racing is part of CBI's weekly Co-Able racing conducted as part of the Universal Access Program. This takes place every Wednesday evening throughout the summer and is open to all CBI UAP and Adult Program members and their guests. All participants should have either a UAP, AP or Guest membership card, although this may not be strictly enforced for BUBS sailors. Other boats with CBI members, either in Sonars or Ideal 18s, will also be racing. The last couple of weeks we have had around 7 boats on the starting line. So, even if you don't have a full team of your own, come on down to CBI and you can probably jump on a boat and go racing.


On 8/22/2017 12:43 AM, Boston United Blind Sailing wrote:

Hello sailors and guides!

Here is the practice schedule for this week.

Grace will make the weather call by noon on the day of practice. If you don't hear anything, there is practice!

_Tuesday at Courageous, 5:30 PM in Rhodes 19s_
Inky, Nina and Bill
Willi, Katherine and Grace
Jason, Mike and Renee

We will be practicing in J22s this week, old school style! Each boat will bring out a mark of the course and Grace will blow start whistles from the boat she is in.

_Wednesday Worlds Practice at CBI in Sonars_
Instead of PHRF this week, the teams going to worlds are planning to practice together at CBI. Other boats welcome.

_Thursday at CBI at 5:30 PM in Sonars_
_Boats: _
Willi, Katherine, Leo
Jay, Grace, Renee
Dana for race committee?
This Thursday we will be doing fleet racing practice in Sonars to prepare for Worlds.

Sail fast,

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