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Hey all,

Sorry for all the confusion, disregard all of my other emails, this one has
everything you need to know condensed into one email and is the most up to
date as off 5:30pm on Friday.

1.) Fill out every column on the conference attendance sheet *even if you
already did* because I added a couple of items that SAO needs.  Here is the
link once again:


2.) This is part of step 1, but you need your AIAA membership ID number
which you can get by going to the link below, logging in, and clicking "MY
AIAA" at the top of the page:


3.) Sign up for the conference manually, by following the link below:


*INSTRUCTIONS for signup:*

   - Create an account on this AIAA site, *it is different from the one
   your actual account is on*.
   - Fill out the list of all your information entirely (you will need your
   AIAA ID but I also need it!)
   - When asked if you need a hotel booking, select yes.
   - When asked if you need an additional night in the hotel, select yes.
   - Go through the prompts until you reach the virtual room manager where
   it will let you select which room.
   - There should be 3 rooms available to select from, it does not matter
   which you pick we will decide who is with who later.
   - Finish by typing "agree" when prompted (in caps or it doesn't work for
   some reason).  We are handling the payment and you will not be asked to
   make a payment now, you just need to register.
   - YOU ARE ALL DONE.  Sorry for all the confusion!

Thanks Everyone,

*Boston University *
*BS ENG'14*
*BU AIAA President '13-'14*
*BU SEDS Vice President '13-'14*

Cory R. Absi
586 Weld Street
West Roxbury MA, 02132
c: 617-909-2297
e: cory.absi@xxxxxxxxx

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