[bsidesclt] Quick Bsides update

  • From: Chris Teodorski <chris.teodorski@xxxxxxxxx>
  • To: bsidesclt@xxxxxxxxxxxxx
  • Date: Sat, 8 Sep 2012 09:13:52 -0400


Jon Molesa and I accidentally met up at the 2600 meeting last night
and what followed was a bit of Bsides progress (small steps are better
than none).

First we talked with Red Davies and he is interested in assisting us
with the event as well.  He had a venue recommendation and to me from
the website, it looks like a cool venue.
http://www.neighborhoodtheatre.com/   Please check it out.  I would
like to schedule a physical visit here in the near future.  I also
have no idea about cost.  However, they have a liquor license so that
does solve one problem.

Second, we checked out Jon's place of employment which has graciously
suggested their venue.  The space is really nice, but the main area
would max out at about 60 people.  I don't know exactly what to expect
here, but in Pittsburgh we had about 118 folks total and that's

Finally, I reached out to Zack Mayo from ISSA a few weeks ago, but
haven't heard anything.  ISSA was a huge sponsor in Pittsburgh, both
from a financial and a PR stance (I'd say they were responsible for
75% of our attendance).  So I was hoping the local ISSA would consider
doing one or both of those things as well.  I will ping him again next
week if I don't hear anything.

That's all,


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