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  • From: Chris Teodorski <chris.teodorski@xxxxxxxxx>
  • To: bsidesclt@xxxxxxxxxxxxx
  • Date: Sun, 26 Aug 2012 20:17:07 -0400

I don't know what is "uniquely" Charlotte either -- I was hoping some
of the long time residents could help me with that -- racing is really
the only theme that seems to really run throughout the city.  But like
I said, having a workable venue trumps any desires I have for a
"unique" venue.


> Chris,
> The company I work for is okay with BSides use of our meeting rooms and
> guest areas. I contacted our landlord about their auditorium. They have
> leased out the current one and construction, as well as pricing, won't be
> available November. I'm not real sure what is uniquely Charlotte. I haven't
> been here long enough to know. I will ask some of my colleagues what they
> think would qualify. My company is willing to sponsor as well.
> http://knowclassic.com
> --
> Jon Molesa
> rjmolesa@xxxxxxxxxxxxx
> On Sunday, August 26, 2012 at 2:32 PM, Chris Teodorski wrote:
> Pong.
> It's been quiet although Jon and I did a bit of discussing after
> Hackers on a Boat.
> He offered to investigate his office space as a location. It doesn't
> fit in with my desire to have a uniquely "charlotte" venue, it does
> however fit in with my realization that without a venue we can't go
> much further. My understanding is that it's IBM's old campus,
> somewhere in the north part of Charlotte.
> Also, I sent an email to Zack Mayo to ask him if he would mind
> discussing the posibillity of the Charlotte ISSA supporting the
> effort, either financially or advertising to their membership, etc. I
> have not heard from him....
> That's my update....its slow going.
> Chris
> On Sun, Aug 26, 2012 at 1:57 PM, Heather Pilkington
> <h.pilkington@xxxxxxxxx> wrote:
> ping
> On Mon, Jun 25, 2012 at 10:14 AM, Chris Teodorski
> <chris.teodorski@xxxxxxxxx> wrote:
> Heather,
> 1. Righ
> 2. Shmoo I assume will be that least weekend of Jan (25-27), so
> potentially.
> 3. I didn't get here till Feb, and coming from PA -- I wouldn't call
> it winter, but I'll let the locals with more experience than me answer
> that one.
> 4. I assume the majority of the audience will be CLT locals, with a
> few dedicated folks being willing to travel. That seems to be the
> case with most local Bsides events.
> 5. When we did BsidesPGH, we really struggled with the anchor speaker
> from out of town vs local talent. I can argue both sides of that.
> Last year Dave Kennedy spoke and Chris Nickerson was at the event
> (coincidentally he was doing a pentest in Pittsburgh that week), but
> he was as low key as he can be -- he was just an attendee.
> 6. Honestly I don't have a sense of that -- we managed to pack 120ish
> people into BsidesPGH. I assume we can do similar here. How many
> folks show up for ISSA events? In Pittsburgh ISSA was a huge part of
> our sponsorship and how we got word of the event out to the community.
> 7. Again, BSidesPGH, we had 2 rooms -- the speaker and the chill out
> area (which was outside). What they found to be very successful at
> BSidesPGH was to allow long social breaks between speakers -- they
> found that with the time -- people actually talked to one another. I
> know at least one person landed a job out of connections made there
> this year.
> So basically, my feeling is this -- we decide on the type of venue
> (local flair, brew pub, teepee, men's restroom) we want and then we
> start looking to see what is available.
> On Mon, Jun 25, 2012 at 9:37 AM, Hpilking <h.pilkington@xxxxxxxxx> wrote:
> Bsides Chicago was also in a bar, fwiw, the bar scene is popular. What
> reasons can you think of that a bar wouldn't be preferable because it's a
> bar?
> But, is pursuit of local flavor putting the cart before the horse?
> Shouldn't we have some way of screening the venues before deciding?
> Questions I had (and I know not all of these have answers, necessarily,
> but some definitely impact venue)
> 1) You don't want to schedule this in parallel with another event to
> boost attendance, right?
> 2) Is Shmoocon a conflict with this date range?
> 3) Is weather a concern? (availability of venue, accessibility of venue)
> - I didn't make it through a winter in CLT so I don't know what to expect.
> 4) Who is the target audience? CLT locals, NC/SC regionals only, or
> other? How will you reach them?
> 5) Is the timing/locale attractive to that target? What is going to make
> people want to come? What about having a couple of anchor speakers/trainers
> (if you want to go that route) first?
> 6) How many people do you plan on having (venue sizing)
> 7) How many rooms do you need? (Bsides Chicago had one room with a
> downstairs bar and an outside patio. They split their room into four spaces
> using scrims. One room was for staff/speakers, one for chill out/lockpick
> village, one for the main track, and one for classes. It was freezing
> outside and sucked completely to stand out there. But, it was so loud
> inside, it was nearly impossible to have a conversation. There was so much
> sound bleed from the speaking track and the teaching track that dueling
> microphones happened. The venue had stationary speakers that couldn't be
> moved to fix it. Thotcon and BsidesLV also had this problem. Except they had
> multiple rooms. But you had to walk through the main speaker track to get to
> any of the other rooms, and it was large enough that people stopped to talk,
> drowning out the speakers.) I would recommend there be room for people to
> socialize separately from people who want to present, GSO was a small
> Bsides, but it was less social than some other events b/c people were mostly
> politely quiet during presos (it was also hard to hear and impossible to see
> from the back of the room).
> 8) What kinds of accommodations can they provide? Do they have screens,
> speakers, mics, power, wireless...

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