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  • From: Chris Teodorski <chris.teodorski@xxxxxxxxx>
  • To: bsidesclt@xxxxxxxxxxxxx
  • Date: Sun, 26 Aug 2012 14:32:14 -0400


It's been quiet although Jon and I did a bit of discussing after
Hackers on a Boat.

He offered to investigate his office space as a location. It doesn't
fit in with my desire to have a uniquely "charlotte" venue, it does
however fit in with my realization that without a venue we can't go
much further.   My understanding is that it's IBM's old campus,
somewhere in the north part of Charlotte.

Also, I sent an email to Zack Mayo to ask him if he would mind
discussing the posibillity of the Charlotte ISSA supporting the
effort, either financially or advertising to their membership, etc.  I
have not heard from him....

That's my update....its slow going.


On Sun, Aug 26, 2012 at 1:57 PM, Heather Pilkington
<h.pilkington@xxxxxxxxx> wrote:
> ping
> On Mon, Jun 25, 2012 at 10:14 AM, Chris Teodorski
> <chris.teodorski@xxxxxxxxx> wrote:
>> Heather,
>> 1. Righ
>> 2. Shmoo I assume will be that least weekend of Jan (25-27), so
>> potentially.
>> 3. I didn't get here till Feb, and coming from PA -- I wouldn't call
>> it winter, but I'll let the locals with more experience than me answer
>> that one.
>> 4. I assume the majority of the audience will be CLT locals, with a
>> few dedicated folks being willing to travel.  That seems to be the
>> case with most local Bsides events.
>> 5. When we did BsidesPGH, we really struggled with the anchor speaker
>> from out of town vs local talent.  I can argue both sides of that.
>> Last year Dave Kennedy spoke and Chris Nickerson was at the event
>> (coincidentally he was doing a pentest in Pittsburgh that week), but
>> he was as low key as he can be -- he was just an attendee.
>> 6. Honestly I don't have a sense of that -- we managed to pack 120ish
>> people into BsidesPGH.  I assume we can do similar here.  How many
>> folks show up for ISSA events?  In Pittsburgh ISSA was a huge part of
>> our sponsorship and how we got word of the event out to the community.
>> 7. Again, BSidesPGH, we had 2 rooms -- the speaker and the chill out
>> area (which was outside).  What they found to be very successful at
>> BSidesPGH was to allow long social breaks between speakers -- they
>> found that with the time -- people actually talked to one another.  I
>> know at least one person landed a job out of connections made there
>> this year.
>> So basically, my feeling is this -- we decide on the type of venue
>> (local flair, brew pub, teepee, men's restroom) we want and then we
>> start looking to see what is available.
>> On Mon, Jun 25, 2012 at 9:37 AM, Hpilking <h.pilkington@xxxxxxxxx> wrote:
>> > Bsides Chicago was also in a bar, fwiw, the bar scene is popular. What
>> > reasons can you think of that a bar wouldn't be preferable because it's a
>> > bar?
>> >
>> > But, is pursuit of local flavor putting the cart before the horse?
>> > Shouldn't we have some way of screening the venues before deciding?
>> >
>> > Questions I had (and I know not all of these have answers, necessarily,
>> > but some definitely impact venue)
>> >
>> > 1) You don't want to schedule this in parallel with another event to
>> > boost attendance, right?
>> >
>> > 2) Is Shmoocon a conflict with this date range?
>> >
>> > 3) Is weather a concern? (availability of venue, accessibility of venue)
>> > - I didn't make it through a winter in CLT so I don't know what to expect.
>> >
>> > 4) Who is the target audience? CLT locals, NC/SC regionals only, or
>> > other? How will you reach them?
>> >
>> > 5) Is the timing/locale attractive to that target? What is going to make
>> > people want to come? What about having a couple of anchor speakers/trainers
>> > (if you want to go that route) first?
>> >
>> > 6) How many people do you plan on having (venue sizing)
>> >
>> > 7) How many rooms do you need? (Bsides Chicago had one room with a
>> > downstairs bar and an outside patio. They split their room into four spaces
>> > using scrims. One room was for staff/speakers, one for chill out/lockpick
>> > village, one for the main track, and one for classes. It was freezing
>> > outside and sucked completely to stand out there. But, it was so loud
>> > inside, it was nearly impossible to have a conversation. There was so much
>> > sound bleed from the speaking track and the teaching track that dueling
>> > microphones happened. The venue had stationary speakers that couldn't be
>> > moved to fix it. Thotcon and BsidesLV also had this problem. Except they 
>> > had
>> > multiple rooms. But you had to walk through the main speaker track to get 
>> > to
>> > any of the other rooms, and it was large enough that people stopped to 
>> > talk,
>> > drowning out the speakers.) I would recommend there be room for people to
>> > socialize separately from people who want to present, GSO was a small
>> > Bsides, but it was less social than some other events b/c people were 
>> > mostly
>> > politely quiet during presos (it was also hard to hear and impossible to 
>> > see
>> > from the back of the room).
>> >
>> > 8) What kinds of accommodations can they provide? Do they have screens,
>> > speakers, mics, power, wireless...
>> >
>> >
>> >

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