[bsidesclt] Re: BSides planning

  • From: Hpilking <h.pilkington@xxxxxxxxx>
  • To: "bsidesclt@xxxxxxxxxxxxx" <bsidesclt@xxxxxxxxxxxxx>
  • Date: Mon, 25 Jun 2012 09:37:56 -0400

Bsides Chicago was also in a bar, fwiw, the bar scene is popular. What reasons 
can you think of that a bar wouldn't be preferable because it's a bar?

But, is pursuit of local flavor putting the cart before the horse? Shouldn't we 
have some way of screening the venues before deciding?

Questions I had (and I know not all of these have answers, necessarily, but 
some definitely impact venue)

1) You don't want to schedule this in parallel with another event to boost 
attendance, right?

2) Is Shmoocon a conflict with this date range?

3) Is weather a concern? (availability of venue, accessibility of venue) - I 
didn't make it through a winter in CLT so I don't know what to expect.

4) Who is the target audience? CLT locals, NC/SC regionals only, or other? How 
will you reach them?

5) Is the timing/locale attractive to that target? What is going to make people 
want to come? What about having a couple of anchor speakers/trainers (if you 
want to go that route) first?

6) How many people do you plan on having (venue sizing)

7) How many rooms do you need? (Bsides Chicago had one room with a downstairs 
bar and an outside patio. They split their room into four spaces using scrims. 
One room was for staff/speakers, one for chill out/lockpick village, one for 
the main track, and one for classes. It was freezing outside and sucked 
completely to stand out there. But, it was so loud inside, it was nearly 
impossible to have a conversation. There was so much sound bleed from the 
speaking track and the teaching track that dueling microphones happened. The 
venue had stationary speakers that couldn't be moved to fix it. Thotcon and 
BsidesLV also had this problem. Except they had multiple rooms. But you had to 
walk through the main speaker track to get to any of the other rooms, and it 
was large enough that people stopped to talk, drowning out the speakers.) I 
would recommend there be room for people to socialize separately from people 
who want to present, GSO was a small Bsides, but it was less social than some 
other events b/c people were mostly politely quiet during presos (it was also 
hard to hear and impossible to see from the back of the room).

8) What kinds of accommodations can they provide? Do they have screens, 
speakers, mics, power, wireless... 

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