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  • From: Bryan Tobey <bryantobey@xxxxxxxxx>
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  • Date: Mon, 25 Jun 2012 08:05:26 -0400

I like the idea of a pub, however I am thinking perhaps that would be great
for the "after party". (thinking how BsidesATL did it last year) I have not
been to many bsides and unsure of the local crowd but would be nice to have
an environment that would be suited for a more diverse group of attendees.

That said, I also have never been to Tavern at the Tracks and may be
totally wrong in my thinking process here.

 I realize that may create more work or not be practical (arranging two
separate locations) however personally feel it could be more inviting to a
younger crowd. Just my .02

On Sun, Jun 24, 2012 at 10:41 PM, K.C. Yerrid <ken@xxxxxxxxxxxxx> wrote:

> Personally, I really enjoyed the BSides GSO event that was held at Natty
> Greene's Pub.  I am quite positive we could find a local microbrewery/pub
> that would be willing to put us up.  I am thinking Tavern at the Tracks.
> Easily accessible via the Light Rail, and good food and drinks.  Just a
> thought.
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> All,
> First off, I want to thank you all for your willingness to participate in
> the planning of Bsides-CLT (or whatever we ultimately decide to call it).
>  I
> understand that everyone brings to the table both unique talents and a
> varying amount of available cycles.  So please feel free to participate in
> whatever you way you feel you can best help pull this event off and at the
> level you are most comfortable with.
> Here is where I'm at with BSides Charlotte -- I'm just throwing this all
> out
> there to start the discussion.  NONE of this is set in stone
> -- I'm just sharing the ideas that I have.  I'm basing this some on my
> experience with planning BSIdesPGH last year and assisting as much as I
> could from afar this year.
> 1. I'm thinking beginning of the year for the event (Jan, Feb).  It gives
> us
> plenty of time to plan and prevents competing with any other large events
> (that I'm aware of).
> 2. Personally, I like the BSides that maintain a local flavor -- pick a
> venue that is uniquely Charlotte.  In my mind, anyone can rent a room at
> the
> Marriot.  As many of you know, I'm a recent transplant -- so input here
> would be awesome.  I was looking at http://victorylanekarting.com/ as a
> possible venue, but maybe the whole racing things is played out.
> 3. I suck at recruiting sponsorship -  a man has to know his limitations
> and
> I'm just not good at it.
> 4.  Once you have the venue, everything else is gravy.  As long as you have
> a roof, the show can go on.
> So with those things said -- lets start the discussion -- starting with
> time
> frame and venue.
> Chris

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