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Personally, I really enjoyed the BSides GSO event that was held at Natty
Greene's Pub.  I am quite positive we could find a local microbrewery/pub
that would be willing to put us up.  I am thinking Tavern at the Tracks.
Easily accessible via the Light Rail, and good food and drinks.  Just a

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First off, I want to thank you all for your willingness to participate in
the planning of Bsides-CLT (or whatever we ultimately decide to call it).  I
understand that everyone brings to the table both unique talents and a
varying amount of available cycles.  So please feel free to participate in
whatever you way you feel you can best help pull this event off and at the
level you are most comfortable with.

Here is where I'm at with BSides Charlotte -- I'm just throwing this all out
there to start the discussion.  NONE of this is set in stone
-- I'm just sharing the ideas that I have.  I'm basing this some on my
experience with planning BSIdesPGH last year and assisting as much as I
could from afar this year.

1. I'm thinking beginning of the year for the event (Jan, Feb).  It gives us
plenty of time to plan and prevents competing with any other large events
(that I'm aware of).

2. Personally, I like the BSides that maintain a local flavor -- pick a
venue that is uniquely Charlotte.  In my mind, anyone can rent a room at the
Marriot.  As many of you know, I'm a recent transplant -- so input here
would be awesome.  I was looking at http://victorylanekarting.com/ as a
possible venue, but maybe the whole racing things is played out.

3. I suck at recruiting sponsorship -  a man has to know his limitations and
I'm just not good at it.

4.  Once you have the venue, everything else is gravy.  As long as you have
a roof, the show can go on.

So with those things said -- lets start the discussion -- starting with time
frame and venue.


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