[bsg] RRNWR Headquarters/ Bossier City- 09/13 and 14.

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Hey birders, Yesterday's survey was downright pitiful. Today's wasn't much
better in terms of diversity, although had a few interesting counts on both
days. Along with very low numbers of many, it seems we're entirely missing
many of the "eastern" component in regard to small neotropical migrants.
I've also been looking at the skies intermittently during surveys- still no
Broad-winged Hawk!! Had FOF 1's for House Wren and Gray Catbird today, then
2 Mourning Warbler and good counts of a few others. I finally discovered
the source of the wader drop we've been witnessing during early sky
watches. As it turns out, the small, shrinking pool- maybe 75' wide- is
actually on the northeast end of the first well in back. It is hard to see
but visible from the road. It is surrounded very tightly by thin, switchy
black willow and eastern cottonwood. Waders were packed like sardines
shoulder to shoulder. I saw many small fish caught. Although I likely
missed a few, there were at least 3 Great Blue Heron, 70 Great Egret, 6
Snowy and 6 juv White Ibis present. These were among the noisiest waders
I've ever heard away from a rookery. I made several recordings. Most heard
were Great Egret. Now maybe one of these years, I'll find time to upload.
Here's yesterday and today's lists-



Good birding, Y'all! Other than keeping track of the nesting Miss Kites,
it'll likely be weekends only from here on for me. Not complaining- it's
been a very interesting early fall! ((:


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