[bsg] RRNWR Headquarters/ Bossier City, 08/26/14 BBPL, others

  • From: Terry Davis <terkchip@xxxxxxxxx>
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  • Date: Tue, 26 Aug 2014 19:28:43 -0500

Hey birders, Overall it was slim pickings (or Pickens if you prefer) at
Headquarters this morning. Best bird was a calling flyover Black-bellied
Plover- possibly a first for HQ? Probably not.
Low numbers of many bird weren't too surprising. Low numbers of Alder
Flycatcher, 2 in a single group, were!! Had 1 Least Fly, 1 E Wood-Pewee, 4
Great Crested, 3 Eastern kingbird. Other semi-mentionables, but not really,
Cooper's Hawk- 1 sy or ad probably male. FOS for HQ this season- if not,
it's close.
Mississippi Kite- 2 juv overhead, another juv circling awhile ago here at
the apartment.
Added a few expected shorebirds here for the season, too.

Waders were in usual decent numbers, although I arrived somewhat late and
skipped the overlook survey, going directly to the Chocolate trail. Other
waterfowl were so-so but no Rallids.
Ruby-throated Hummingbird- not good for time of season with 1 bird
E Screech-Owl notable with 1, 2 (3 total)
Blue Jay horde of 10 birds met me first thing along the s-w portion of the
trail, then others, totaling 17 birds- which I'll bet is my highest count
for the sp in this portion of the park.
Vireos- 7 White-eyed, 3 Red-eyed
Swallows represented by a single N rough-winged
Blue-gray Gnatcatcher pitiful with 2 birds.
Warblers were terribly low with a single each of Yellow and Prothonotary.
No Dickcissel- but four Yellow-breasted Chat was decent.
Icterids- low, except COGR.

I did better, especially regarding warblers for 30 minutes here along the
neighbor's adjacent fence-row between 0700 and 0730 on 08/22. Notes on that
included- and less- at


Y'all have a good evening!


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