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Newsletter No: 16
Date: 12th January 2010.

Closure because of the Snow
I do apologise that we had to close because of the snow last week. I can assure 
you that the decision to close was not taken lightly and each day that we were 
closed was assessed individually by Sue Naylor (the Chair of Governors) and me 
to see whether it was safe to open the school.

The reason for closing was safety. The paths and playgrounds in and around 
school were far too slippy and dangerous and the last thing I wanted was to 
endanger children, parents or staff by opening the school.
Many of the paths are still very slippy and are proving very difficult to 
clear, so please can I ask for you to still be careful when walking to school. 
We have rock salt on order (some should arrive today) and so we can work on 
getting other routes around school clear of ice.

I have had a few messages of support from parents saying how they were grateful 
of the up-to-date messages that they were receiving and that they agreed with 
the decision to close. I know that closing the school is inconvenient for many 
parents as child care becomes an issue - but I would like to thank you all for 
your patience and understanding during this time.

At this point can I also say a big thank you to Mrs Hughes, and to Mrs Heron, 
her husband Jack and her son, Andrew who helped me clear some of the paths 
around school.

Information from School
You should have received three Group Call Text messages from school last week 
to update you with closure information. If you did NOT receive a text please 
see Mrs. Atkinson in the school's office to make sure that we have your 
up-to-date mobile phone information.

We did also keep you up-to-date with messages on our school's website (see 
address above). The reason why the screen went to a simple 'white' message is 
because so many people were accessing the website at once that it began to 
'crash'. The white screen was easier for more people to open so that's why it 
changed (not because your computer was broken).

Christmas Tree Blocks
If you received a wooden block with your Christmas tree this year that is no 
longer required, please could you send it into school for use in the Science 
Garden, for the attention of Mrs Taylor.

Dinner Money - Reminder

The cost of a school dinner is now £1.85 per day (£9.25 per week). It would be 
very much appreciated by the office staff if parents could send in the correct 
money (or a cheque). Many parents/carers are sending in £10 notes and we are 
sometimes struggling to find enough change to send home. Thank you.

Supporting the NSPCC

Today, during a special assembly for each Key Stage, Jayne Moran from the NSPCC 
talked to the children about the work of her charity. This was both an 
educational and thought provoking assembly. The children were invited to help 
other children by raising vital funds to support the work of the NSPCC which 
includes the confidential telephone helpline service for children called 

The NSPCC is facing huge challenges in the current economic climate due to a 
drop in charity donations, although ironically the demand for the NSPCC's 
services has increased. I appreciate that there will be other pressures on your 
household budge right now, but I truly hope that you can find a little money 
for this special cause.

Your child has been given an activity sheet and sponsor form. If you would like 
your child to participate in this activity, please ensure that the form and 
sponsor money are returned to school by Thursday 28th January.

Please simply fill in your name on the sponsor form and the amount sponsored. 
If you are a UK Tax Payer, and would like to allow the NSPCC to claim gift aid 
from your donation, please complete your full name and address on the form and 
tick the box at the end of the row.

All the money we raise will go towards the NSPCC. This will help them to 
continue their good work and to carry on providing the services they offer to 
as many children as possible.

Every child that completes the form with at least one sponsor will receive a 
badge. The more sponsors that they collect the more badges they receive!!

Please help if you can. Your support is very much appreciated.

School Lunch - Week 2 Beginning 18th January
Please ensure that dinner money is paid on Friday if you want dinners next 
week.  Only £9.25 per week. Money should be given, via your child, to their 
teacher in an envelope marked 'Dinner Money' with their name, class and amount. 
Cheques should be made payable to "Lancashire County Council".





Cod & Salmon Fishcakes, mixed veg., spicy wedges or Cheese & Broccoli Pasta 
Bake, homemade dough balls, salad bar.

Baked Gammon & Pineapple, baked beans, potato waffles or Tomato Pasta, crusty 

Cottage Pie, gravy, baton carrots or Italian Meatballs with Pasta, garlic bread.

Roast Beef, Yorkshire Pudding, gravy, roast potatoes, broccoli or Chicken & 
Sweetcorn Pasta, salad, baguette.

Lemon Sole Grill, garden peas, creamed potatoes or Tomato & Herb Spaghetti, 
garlic bread.

Vanilla Ice Cream Sponge Roll.

Traditional Rice Pudding.

Cheddar Cheese & Biscuits.

Homemade Carrot Cake.

Sticky Parkin, custard sauce.

Usually available daily (subject to availability) stuffed jacket potatoes, 
selection of sandwiches, salad, fresh or frozen yoghurt, fresh fruit, milk or 
fruit drinks, homemade cakes and cookies.  Vegetarian/Religious diets also 
available subject to demand.

Bug Busting Week

Because we didn't manage to get any of our Bug Busting diaries out to you last 
Friday, we are holding our Bug Busting week next week.
This is the week where we ask you to comb through your child's/children's hair 
every night for a week. When you do this we ask you to sign a special form to 
say that this has been done. When the form is returned to school we will then 
reward the children. Time to hunt out the Bug Busting comb you received last 
term and look out for the letter and form that you will receive on Friday!!

Sensible clothing

If you are concerned about school shoes being too slippy - or getting damaged 
in the snow and ice - for this time only we don't mind if the children come to 
school in other sorts of footwear. (For example sturdy shoes or boots).

If the children come to school in wellies - please make sure that they have 
other footwear to put on in school during the day.

Please also ensure that they bring a warm waterproof coat - and possibly hat, 
scarf and gloves. (Don't forget to 'name' as many items as possible).

Friends of Broad Oak (PTA)

The next PTA meeting will take place on Wednesday, 20th January at 7pm in 
school. All Parents are invited to attend - help us to raise funds to support 
the children in this school.


The next disco will now be taking place on Friday, 5th February and not 15th 
January as originally planned.  Further details to follow in forthcoming 

Yours sincerely

Mr S B Smith


Did you know...
Did you know that CHILDLINE (0800 11 11) receives approximately 5,000 calls 
every day and physical abuse is the most common 'topic' that children discuss. 
It is vital that every child gets through, but tragically, due to limited 
resources, CHILDLINE only manages to answer only two out of three calls.

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