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Saturday, August 02, 2003
Sycamore Shoals State Historic Area
Elizabethton, TN

     While leading a butterfly/dragonfly walk at Sycamore Shoals today, I 
noticed a concentration of butterflies and beetles on bird droppings along a 
trail and looked up.  A stick nest 30 to 40feet above the trail held three 
night-herons.  They were near full-sized, but still somewhat downy.  I didn't 
observe any adults with them.  The pattern of droppings indicated activity in 
the tree for a little distance around the nest, though whether it was the young 
or the parents I couldn't say.  I don't know if I can distinguish between 
night-heron species at that age, but I assume they are Yellow-crowned, since 
adults are frequently observed in the area, and Black-crowned is not.
     In the back of my mind, I seem to remember someone telling me that a 
Yellow-crowned Night Heron nest has already been found this year somewhere 
the Watauga River.  I don't know if this is the same or different.  Anyone who 
can shed light on this please illuminate me.   
     To find the nest at Sycamore Shoals State Historic Area, walk to the end 
of the gravel road behind the neighboring swimming pool, then turn back 
sharply to the left.  A dirt road goes a short distance through the woods and 
the riverside.  About halfway to the river the dirt road bends to the right.  
The nest is easily visible overhead there at the bend.
     We will be holding the second annual Elizabethton Butterfly Count there 
tomorrow, Sunday August 03, and the nest will definitely be a stop along the 
way early in the day.  Anyone who wishes to join us is welcome, even if you 
only want to tag along as far as the nest.  We will meet at the Visitor's 
at 9 am.  Even if the Butterfly Count is rained out and postponed until the 
next Sunday, I will be there at 9 am tomorrow, Aug 03, and will show the nest 
interested birders.

Don Holt
Johnson City, TN

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