[Bristol-Birds] big Knoxville oil tanker company now has Vickie Henderson art work on back

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Bristol Area Birders:

Look what happened ! Sent Vickie Henderson of Knoxville an email and
suggested she contact Conestoga Transport out of that city and ask if the
company wanted one of her Ruby-throated Hummingbird photos for the back of
their ole big tankers which haul oil over hundreds of thousands of miles and
maybe in the view of millions of motorists on our highways. Way to go !

Yea for Vickie ! Yea! Yea !

Wallace Coffey

Bristol, TN

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Subject: [Bristol-Birds] three owlets on truck along TN Rt. 394 in Bristol

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While driving home from birding late this afternoon, I spotted three owlets

on the tail of a petroleum tanker truck rolling over TN Rt. 394 near the
Bristol Motor

Speedway in Sullivan County. I was pleasantly surprised.

To my delight, the driver pulled into a delivery stop and I followed.

"Just another person wanting to know about the owls on the back of your big

I shouted up to his open cab window. He crawled down into the lot with a

smile and was proud to share the artwork with me.

"I have people stop and ask about it ever where," he said. "They love it."

He said the owner of his trucking company has about a dozen or more tankers

the road and each has different wildlife art on the tail.

"He is a history buff and a very conscientious conservationist and
environmental owner."

The truck is in a fleet of about 15 owned by Conestoga Transport out of
Knoxville. It is a

company that provides transportation services of petroleum products. The
name Conestoga

has a rich history dating back to the foundation of business in America. In
the late 18th and early 19th

centuries - long before the era of tractor and trailers and before the
development of the railroad

system - Conestoga wagons were the primary vehicles for hauling freight. The
drivers of those wagons

were much like their modern-day counterparts (today's professional truck
driver) - tough, resourceful

and very professional.

The Knoxville fleet, sporting the theme "Tradition With A Vision," has
images of Black Bear, White-tailed

Deer, Mallard, Bald Eagle, frog, Mr. Ed the horse, Bobwhite and Wild

The driver, with his truck in Bristol, said the most beautiful and his
favorite is the Bobcat.

If you wish you can go to the website link with this post and look thru most
of the animals in

what they call their Trailer Tails Gallery. The company has a link where
you can send them a

nomination for the next species they put on a new truck.


Wallace Coffey

Bristol, TN

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