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Ken Turner sent this to me and I thought I should forward it on.
Larry McDaniel
Director of Xtreme Roan Adventures
(423) 773-9234

Hello Adventurers,
Hot enough for ya?  Besides heading up to Roan Mountain to cool off, 
here is another way to get your mind off of the heat and on to some cool fun in 
the great outdoors.
The Friends of Roan Mountain sponsored Xtreme Roan Adventures - Checklist 
is a way to encourage your kids to explore the great outdoors.
There are animals, birds, trees, flowers, bugs and lots more stuff to look for.
Most are easy to find. Some may take a little more effort.
Go to the web-page: http://xtremeroanadventures.org/checklist/   or

click on the picture 
to print out as 
many checklists as you need.
Have a fun summer.
‘see you at the Xtreme Roan Adventures - July 31
Thank you.
Ken Turner
(423) 538 - 3419
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