[Bristol-Birds] White Ibis at Middlebrook Lake

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  • Date: Tue, 5 Aug 2003 22:50:10 EDT

5 AUG 03
Middlebrook Lake
Bristol, TN
Rack Cross, Carol Cross and Sam Cross
This evening just before 8PM we observed an Ibis flying over Middlebrook Lake 
and then landing on a shore line snag. The contrasting dark upper and light 
under coloration gave way to a quick identification of an immature White Ibis. 
Wallace and Carolyn Coffey responded to our report and they in turn notified 
others, of whom, Janice and Melinda Martin turned out. 
Wallace mentioned this may be the 7th record of this species in Northeast TN 
with the previous record being his own in August of 1990. All enjoyed good 
looks at the bird and I captured some video documentation. 
At approximately 8:45PM I asked for help identifying a bird above the tree 
line that looked like an Ibis. Wallace took a look through his scope which had 
been trained on the immature White Ibis and announced, "It's gone." Perhaps the 
bird I saw along the tree line was the only Ibis in the area! If so, this 
small group of (happy) birders was blessed to have witnessed a very brief visit 
from a very special bird. 
A list of the evenings highlights include:
White Ibis, imm. - 1
Solitary Sandpiper - 3
Spotted Sandpiper - 1
Black-crowned Night-heron - 5
American Coot - 1

'Til we bird again

Rack Cross
Blountville, TN


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