[Bristol-Birds] When miss seeing the eagle throw a tantrum !!!

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 Catherine King of Blountville, TN, studies the Bald Eagle's
 nest at South Holston Lake, Saturday afternoon.  She came
 to see the baby eagle but it was taking a nap after being
 fed a big meal of fish.

 Catherine, the daughter of Michelle Brown King,  one of our
 local birders.  Absolutely threw a fit when she learned that
 Wallace Coffey had let the eaglet fledge without taking her
 to the nest as promised.
She telephoned her good
friend Carolyn Coffey and
explained that she was at
the end of her rope about
waiting to see the eagles.
She demanded a command

Carolyn took Catherine 
and Wallace to the nest
immediately.  Everyone 
was then happy.  The baby
eagle did not put on a big
show but did raise its
wing and wave over the
edge to one-year-old
Catherine.  That saved
the day and saved Wallace!

 Momma Bald Eagle stood on the nest to watch over the visitors.

 As a show of her appreciation for being taken to the nest site,
 Catherine took everyone to the Parks Mill General Store for
 dinner on the streamside balcony at the historic old mill.
 We all had hamburgers, with the exception of baby
 Catherine, who had a full rack of pork ribs, larger order of
 fries, home cooked beans with pork and banana pudding.

 It was a good day for all and the eaglet was still in the nest as
 of late Saturday.

 And Happy 41st Wedding Anniversary to Bill and Sandy Lawson
 on this Mother's Day.  

 Let's go birding . . . .

 Wallace Coffey
 Bristol, TN

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