[Bristol-Birds] Upcoming Field Trips

  • From: JPMOYLE18@xxxxxxx
  • To: bristol-birds@xxxxxxxxxxxxx
  • Date: Tue, 28 Jul 2009 21:38:40 EDT

I still have not received any responses to my last email.  I have scheduled 
field trips for 08/08/09 to South Holston Lake and the Weir Dam and for 
Rankin Botoms and Douglas Lake for 08/22/09.  As I indicated in my last email, 
I will be unable to lead them due to family commitments.  I asked for 
volunteers who would be willing to lead either trip.  No Bristol Bird Club 
has volunteered to lead either one.  Mike Sledjeski has offered to help 
coordinate the Rankin Bottoms trip, but we still need a local member to 
this end of it.  If I have not heard by phone or email from a willing 
leader by one week before the original date, it will be necessary to cancel 
trip.  I apologize for the conflicts that developed for me, but lead time is 
critical for planning a trip, and one week is a reasonable minimum for 
scheduling.  I will keep you posted.
John Moyle              Glen Alpiine Road                Kingsport/Sullivan 

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