[Bristol-Birds] The Bluebird That Won't Quit

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  • Date: Sun, 25 Nov 2007 01:51:15 -0500

Hi All,
Last March a pair of bluebirds began nesting in one of our yard nest boxes. On 
March 3rd the male took a dislike to his image in the mirror of our SUV. He 
fought his image relentlessly, either in the mirror or in the window. We 
finally felt sorry for him and covered the mirrors. He continued to fight the 
windows, so we lowered the windows, so he couldn't see himself. He then went to 
the back of the vehicle and fought his image there. When he was fighting the 
mirror he would get so agitated that he would hop up on the mirror and turn and 
bite himself in the back. As he did this he leaned backward. Each time he bit 
himself he leaned a little more, until finally he fell from the mirror. He 
would then fly back up and continue the battle.

Next we tried putting a plastic owl on top of the vehicle. That didn't bother 
him in the least. 
In April we tried taping pinwheels to the mirrors. The pinwheels were very 
shiny. He saw himself in those and fought them.
In spite of all of this fighting this little guy has managed to raise two 
broods of young. In fact in mid-summer I looked out, and he was fighting the 
SUV mirror with young ones looking on.
He has continued to fight his image all summer and into the fall. Yesterday, 
November 24th on a cold (27F) frosty morning he was out there fighting his 

For those interested I have photos of most of this. They can be seen at 

Roger Mayhorn
Compton Mt
Buchanan County

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