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I too had a similar experience.  I saw a banded pigeon a few years ago at a 
state park in NJ.  It was feeding on the ground near the headquarters; one of 
the caretakers saw me looking at it and remarked that it was a strange looking 
gull (he was serious).  Any way, I went online and figured out the birding club 
that the band came from and emailed them; I believe they were in Maryland.  
Their leader emailed me back, said it belonged to one of their members and 
hopefully the bird would find its way home.    

Carole Gobert, Knoxville
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Subject: [TN-Bird] Re: found pigeon
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I can give you an example from my personal experience. Several years ago I 
found a banded pigeon as well. Same type numbers. If I remember correctly the 
first is the year (in your case 2012), the second the breeder. You probably 
have a homing/racing pigeon. I tried for several days to find the owner of the 
one I found, and when I finally did he told me to keep the bird. Since it was a 
homing pigeon that did not know the way home he said he had no use for it. I 
would suggest you save your time and trouble and if possible just release it 
again. It will probably take up with local ground doves and do fine on its own. 
It would probably be a good idea to remove the band if you can so the next 
person who finds it will not go through the same routine as you did.

Knox Martin

Mid-South Raptor Center

Memphis, Shelby County, TN

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Cocke county neighbor Billy Gregg, from over in Happy Hollow, called to ask 
about a banded pigeon that he found in his driveway. It had 2 leg bands, one 
numbered  2012 501, the other blank.  Google showed 2 possibilities on racing 
pigeon websites, one based in Arizona, the other "Mountain Pacific".  Neither 
seems likely to be correct.  Anyone possibilities closer to East TN?

Michael Sledjeski

Del Rio TN


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