[Bristol-Birds] Swallows, Ospreys--Sullivan Cty

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  • Date: Thu, 23 Mar 2017 20:06:39 -0400

Jim Anderson, Kathy Noblet, Gil Derouen, Charles Moore, and I birded water areas in Sullivan County today. Summary:
For all of us, Barn Swallows, Purple Martins, and Ospreys were new for the year.

Paddle Creek:
Wood Duck                             4
Blue-winged Teal                    2 pair
Lesser Scaup                           2 pair
Cooper's Hawk                        1
Am. Kestrel                             1
Am. Pipit                                  1
Barn Swallow                         1-2
Northern Rough-winged Swallow           1

Central Holston--Riverside Dr., Big Springs Rd.
Wood Duck                            6
Am. Wigeon                           5
Bufflehead                            20
Osprey                                    2
Red-tailed Hawk                    1
Red-headed Woodpecker      1

Weir Dam
Bufflehead                              6

Rooty Branch Beaver Pond
Gadwall                                   6
Green-winged Teal                 8
Swamp Sparrow                      2

Hwy 44
Cooper's Hawk                       1

Musick's Campground:
Common Loon                       1
Pied-billed Grebe                   2
Horned Grebe                       40
Red-tailed Hawk                     1
D. C. Cormorant                    1
Bonaparte's Gull                    4
Ring-billed Gull                     2

Hwy 421 Boat Launch area:
Horned Grebe                           5
Ring-billed Gull                       20
Bonaparte's Gull                        4
D. C,. Cormorant                       5
Pine Warbler                              1

Middlebrook Lake:
Coot                                         12
Ring-billed Gull                   ~500
Purple Martin                             1 pair

Massingill Rd, Beaver Creek
Red-tailed Hawk                        1

 Sugar Hollow Rd.
Bufflehead                                3
Ring-billed Gull                       1

Winged Deer Park
Bald Eagle 2 adults (also saw the young on the web cam)

In addition, we saw Great Blue Herons, Kingfishers, and Tree Swallows at numerous places and we had 2 deer and a Southern Fox Squirrel at Pemberton Rd., and a Muskrat and a Ground Hog by the Rooty Branch Rd. Beaver Pond.

Roy Knispel
Johnson City

fn:Roy Knispel

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