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Area Birders,

The Buchanan Co. Bird Club is having their 2nd Annual Sparrow Hike this 
Saturday, October
25.  We will be meeting at the mouth of Guesses Fork (Rt. 646) near Hurley, VA 
at 7:30
a.m.  From there we will be driving up the right hand fork of Guesses Fork and 
carpooling in 4x4 vehicles to the reclaimed strip mine site on top of the 
Historically this area has been a magnet for migrating sparrows and last years 
trip netted
eight different species.  Already the Swamp and White-throated Sparrows have 
shown up and
last year we found Lincoln's Sparrows on two different hikes.  We can also 
expect Song,
Chipping, Field, and Savannah Sparrows.  We have also found Grasshopper, 
Fox, and a possible Henslow's Sparrow along this old mine site.

Here is a link to some pictures I took this week showing the habitat we will be 

Directions from Grundy, VA:

At the main stop light in town (the cliff just beyond the courthouse) take a 
right onto
State Route 83 towards West Virginia.  After 8.6 miles you will turn left onto 
Rt. 643
towards Hurley, VA.  Travel 10.4 miles on Rt. 643 until you reach the mouth of 
Fork Rt. 646  (be careful to make the left turn at Blackey Baptist Church at 
about 5.8
miles along Rt. 643).  Here we will meet at 7:30 a.m. in the large parking area 
next to
the road.  I'll be driving a maroon Chevy S-10 pickup.  Be sure to show up on 
time because
once we start making our way to the top of the mountain on the old mining roads 
you will
not be able to find us.  The plan is to travel up Rt. 646 to the right hand 
fork - Rt. 647
and then carpooling to the top of the mountain.  The road is in good shape and 
any 4x4
vehicle will have no trouble reaching the top.

Grundy is about 95 minutes from Abingdon and the site we are meeting at is an 
30 minutes drive from Grundy.

We will have a hot dog cookout for lunch so let me know in advance if you plan 
on coming
so I can make plans.  Bring your own drinks, chips, etc.  The hike will be on a 
level road
through the old mine site.  Some of us may want to make short trips out into 
the brush to
scare up some sparrows that like to sit tight (optional).  Bring your hiking 
shoes, water
and snacks, and binoculars.  The sun will be in front of us for part of the 
hike so bring
a pair of sunglasses.

Look forward to seeing you.

Ed Talbott
Buchanan County Bird Club


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