[Bristol-Birds] Simon Thompson birding Carter Co., TN 20 Jun 2015

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Simon Thompson birding

11 participants hike sponsored by Southern Appalachian Highlands Conservancy

Roan Mountain

Roan High Knob Trail (Appalachian Trail)

Cherokee National Forest

Carter County, TN

20 June 2015

Roan High Knob Trail

Alder Flycatcher (1)

Red-breasted Nuthatch (3) "Actually these are regular in this habitat at
this elevation"

Brown Creeper (2)

Golden-crowned Kinglet (12) "Common in the spruce-Pine woods"

Veery (6)

Common Yellowthroat (1)

Magnolia Warbler (2) "Magnolia Warblers are annual summering birds in this
area; males

are on territory every year, but not yet proven breeding (I don't think)- 1
male seen

well and 1 additional male heard singing"

Canada Warbler (8)

Pine Siskin (3) "Fly-overs of several birds (all singly) and calling. A big

this past winter may have encouraged some to over-summer in appropriate

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