[Bristol-Birds] Shady Valley Wetlands - Call for Support

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From: Gabrielle Call
Sent: July 15, 2009 02:49
Subject: Shady Valley Wetlands - Call for Support

Dear Friends,

I am sorry to report that The Nature Conservancy's wetlands restoration and 
cranberry bog projects in Shady Valley are once again under fire.  The same 
small group of opponents who threatened our property from 2006 until 2008 are 
now fighting our 2009-10 restoration plans at Orchard Bog and Schoolyard 
Springs.  TNC's new work aims to increase our functional wetlands by 35 acres 
and repair six stream reaches that were severely degraded by past ditching and 
excessive livestock access.

Our opponents are trying very hard to gain a sympathetic ear from our elected 
officials: Congressman Phil Roe, Lieutenant Governor Ron Ramsey, and State 
Representative Jason Mumpower.  If you think that the Shady Valley wetlands and 
cranberry bogs are important for biological and aesthetic reasons, if you visit 
them to bird-watch or hike or study natural resources, if you appreciate their 
historical and ecological value, or if you just like knowing that they're here, 
please help us by sending a message of support to the elected officials named 
above (see contact information at the bottom of this e-mail).

The following are talking points for your consideration and use, although we 
certainly encourage our friends to personalize any letters, faxes, or phone 
calls.  Please feel free to forward our request to other individuals or 
listserve groups that may be inclined to lend their voice.

  a.. If you are a landowner, taxpayer, and/or voter in Tennessee's First 
Congressional District (Carter, Cocke, Green, Hamblen, Hawkins, Johnson, 
Sullivan, Unicoi, and Washington Counties, plus parts of Jefferson and Sevier 
Counties), it is important to mention that in your correspondence. 
  b.. TNC's nature preserves in Shady Valley are protecting a relatively small 
slice of the community's unique history, both human and ecological, and do 
nothing to harm their neighbors. 
  c.. Contrary to the myths circulated by TNC's opponents, healthy wetlands 
improve water quality for their neighbors, in addition to reducing flooding, 
reducing soil erosion, and increasing wildlife habitat. 
  d.. Contrary to the myths circulated by TNC's opponents, the Shady Valley 
wetlands do not cause mosquito outbreaks; they actually attract dragonflies, 
birds, and other animals that eat mosquitoes.  The clear, running water on 
TNC's property does not promote mosquito breeding grounds as do stagnant farm 
ditches, trash tires, etc. 
  e.. TNC's Shady Valley nature preserves are open to the public and contribute 
to the local economy by bringing in tourists, not just for the annual Cranberry 
Festival,  but year-round for outdoor recreation.  These visitors are spending 
money in the valley's general stores and diner.   
  f.. The claim that TNC is anti-farming and destroying farmland is absolutely 
untrue.  TNC leases three of its four nature preserves to tenant farmers for 
hay mowing and livestock pasture.  TNC's Shady Valley land management 
philosophy adheres to agricultural Best Management Practices and illustrates 
how conservation and responsible farming go hand-in-hand.
We need your help and are grateful for your support.  Feel free to call or 
e-mail me if you have specific questions.  Thank you.

Contact Info:

Congressman Phil Roe
P.O. Box 1176
Blountville, TN  37617
(423) 354-0144
(423) 354-0092 fax

Lieutenant Governor Ron Ramsey
3311 Highway 126
Blountville, TN  37617
(423) 323-8700
(615) 253-0197 fax at Nashville's Legislative Plaza

State Representative Jason Mumpower
P.O. Box 2221
Bristol, TN  37621
(423) 989-3234
(615) 253-0298 fax at Nashville's Legislative Plaza


Gabrielle K. Call
East Tennessee Conservation Manager
The Nature Conservancy, Shady Valley Preserves Office
10537 Highway 421 North
Shady Valley, TN  37688
(423) 739-2537 office
(423) 739-2441 fax
(423) 471-0700 cell 

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