[Bristol-Birds] Ring-necked Pheasants being raised in Shady Valley

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         Shady Valley, TN Ring-necked Pheasants
It may not be long until we again look up to see a nice pheasant
flying across the road in front of our car or standing in the tall
vegetation of a nearby field in Shady Valley, Johnson Co., TN.

It has been 14 years since Andy Jones, Wallace Coffey,
John Shumate and Larry McDaniel saw a caged Ring-necked
Pheasant being held in captivity in Shady Valley.  That was near
the crossroads on 26 Dec 1996,

Today, 2 July 2010, I found another cage of pheasants with maybe
four to five birds including at least one male.  They were located
well back from the road near a double-wide home on Orchard Bog
Rd. across from the Jenkins Cranberry Bog enclosure.

From time to time,  residents of the valley have raised pheasants
and released them into the nearby fields.  Wiley Taylor and the
Shady Valley Rod & Gun Club raised about 50 birds and released
them in the valley.

Shady Valley was home to a small breeding population of wild
Ring-necked Pheasants in the late 1950 until about 1970.  A nest
of 11 newly-hatched young was found by Shumate, 1 Aug 1965,
when it was destroyed by a mowing operation.  Shumate raised
the hatchlings until 1 Oct 1965 when six of the surviving birds
were banded and released by Coffey.

Keep your eyes open and standby.

Let's go birding . . . .

Wallace Coffey
Bristol, TN

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