[Bristol-Birds] Rick Knight leads Burke's Garden trip. Country store out of business.

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Rick Knight will lead the Bristol Bird Club's 
22 Annual Late Winter Burke's Garden
Golden Eagle Field Trip Saturday.  It will
be the fifth consecutive year he has been 
out front for the birders. Since 2009, he
has also been the leader of the popular
BBC Autumn Burke's Garden field trip.
His birding skills have been a strong
magnet, attracting birders from across a wide region.

He will lead the BBC field trip group starting at 9 a.m. at
Hardee's in Tazewell, VA.  Many birders will arrive much
earlier to order a bite of breakfast and get caught up with
friends and new birders.

Since the famed country store in Burke's Garden has closed
its doors and is out of business, birders will have a new and
exciting challenge.

We will carry in whatever we each want for lunch.  Some may
brink snacks or sandwiches or a full-blown picnic from home.
Others will buy lunch at Hardee's and some may pick up 
whatever at a Tazewell convenience store before heading up to
Virginia's highest mountain valley.

In addition, just as in past years for some birders on the trip,
we will use the men's and women's outdoors restroom facilities 
behind the Lutheran Church which also has the famous and historic
cemetery.  Those who choose, can set their systems to use Hardee's
before and after the field trip.

When we learned this week that the country store was closed down
in late December, BBC members Tom and Laverne Hunter made a
trip to Burke's Garden to make sure we had our ducks in a row.  They
reported the store has been closed and that a note was posted on the
front door.  They verified that the facilities at the Lutheran church were
open and operable.  Tom said the major concern was the lack of lights
in the facilities but BBC has taken care of that.

We will carry a supply of all needed items to include:  large bottles of
hand sanitizers, rolls of paper towels, rolls of toilet tissue, water for hand 
washing, hand soap, great battery-powered lantern lights to light up the 
small plastic bags to tote away any trash and leave the place neat and clean.  
Some of these items are already in place there, according to the Hunters, but 
we will leave nothing to chance and make sure we provide our own items and 
not use up the items belonging to the church.

We owe a special thanks to Phil Shelton who, on  Tuesday, wrote
to report: "When I did the CBC in Burkes Garden December 30, the store was 
closing that day and the lady who ran it had no notion that anyone would take 
over and reopen.  Maybe you have more recent information; if not, you had best 
check to be sure you don't have a bunch of hungry birders."

Actually, she told us during the BBC Nov. Burke's Garden field trip the owner 
planning to close the store before the end of the year.  Growing business needs
with his roofing company had made it necessary for him to close the store.

We simply forgot that.  Thanks again, Phil.

Thanks also to Tom and Laverne Hunter who jumped all over this the day they
learned it was a possible challenge.

Let's go birding . . . .

Wallace Coffey
Bristol, TN

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