[Bristol-Birds] Rescued an Owl.

  • From: "Shane" <tshane@xxxxxxxxxxx>
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  • Date: Sat, 24 Nov 2007 13:42:35 -0500

Birders:( Rescued an Owl )

This morning on Nov. 24, 2007 in Russellville in the woods behind a friend's 
house getting ready walking on the trail in the woods while deer hunting I 
rescued an a possible Adult Barred or Eastern Screech Owl tallon from a small 
rusty trap it watched me walked up to it and the owl sit back on its tail 
feathers and its beak was clapping away and I propped up my gun and dove stool 
against something and I told the owl it is ok I nealed down and I pushed down 
on both ends of the trap and he flew back just a tad it looked away for a 
moment then it flew off into the woods it had a bloody tallon and I did not 
have a band aid to put on the owls bloody tallon plus I did not touch or pet 
the owl ( the description of the owl is it has a solid white and light brown 
feathers including the face light yellow tallons and light yellow eyes with 
black pupil I know I looked right at the owl while helping him to get free ) I 
always wanted to get up close to the owl this isn't what I had in mind and no 
picture of the owl either. Happy Thanksgiving everybody.

Shane Adams
East Hamblen County / Morristown, TN.

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