[Bristol-Birds] Red-shouldered Hawk, Rusty Blackbirds, Bearded Blue Jay and more

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  • Date: Mon, 12 Nov 2007 23:50:41 -0500

Hi All,
This last week or so has proved to be a good week for unusual or at least not 
so common, sightings in my yard here on Compton Mt.
The Red-shouldered Hawk that sparked the discussion about Red-shouldereds and 
Gray Squirrels has been back. Since this bird caused so much discussion I have 
posted a photo of it.
Yesterday an immature Red-headed Woodpecker came to the whole peanuts and the 
suet feeder. A Yellow-bellied Sapsucker has also been enjoying the suet.
Two Fox Sparrows have been hanging around now for more than a week along with a 
Field Sparrow.
Rusty Blackbirds have been hanging around for about a week. The number started 
out at 2, then went up to 7, dropped to 5, then 3. I didn't see any today.
I had a bearded Blue Jay recently feeding here,which I photographed. The bird 
has a large tuft of blue feathers under its throat - very unusual. 
Pine Siskins and Purple Finches have been regulars at the feeders lately, and 
an unusual looking Red-wing that had a large bright yellowish-orange wing 
patch, much brighter and larger than the norm. 
I have posted photos of most of these at http://www.pbase.com/mayhorn/yard_birds

Roger Mayhorn
Compton Mt
Buchanan County

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