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Hey Ken and Bristol Birders,

Perhaps it learned the bobwhite song a year or more 
ago when that Mockingbird lived somewhere
else.  For that matter, could it have learned it from 
another Mockingbird ? It is such a simplification to think it
has always lived in our yard.  Of course there is no proof
that it hasn't.  We all make such assumptions and I am the
worst of them all.  A Mockingbird was found far from land
in April several years ago, at an oil platform, 70+ mi. S Pecan 
Island, in the Gulf of Mexico.  How bizarre is that ?

Was that bird an international trans-gulf migrant or what ?

Let's go birding . . . . 

Wallace Coffey
Bristol, TN 
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  I have never heard a bob-white quail near my home in Bristol, TN.  


  This morning, I have a mocking bird perfectly emulating a bob white quail.  
Where did it learn the intonation?



  Ken Hale-puzzled in the a.m.

  Bristol, TN



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