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The Ospreys at Rockhold United Methodist Church
on the South Fork Holston River are driving me crazy!

Don't they have anything
better to do ?  Perhaps
I don't :-)

One of the birds perched
in a dead snag in the front
yard of the church this
afternoon.  It had a nice
fish it leisurely enjoyed.
I couldn't help but take a
hurried photo.  What for ?

 Spent an hour with them. Just felt it would help pass 
 the time in days or weeks or whatever this takes. 

 Nearby, a second bird perched in a sycamore tree
 along the river and they "sang" their whistled, soft,
 notes back and forth.  

 Twice the sycamore percher flew down river and
 returned to the same tree.  Each time it made a side 
 trip to fly over the churchyard bird. They exchanged 

 Migration will continue thru the region for another
 few weeks to a month.  An Osprey was hunting over
 Beaver Creek at Buffalo Ruritan just up stream from
 Boone Lake this afternoon.  Another was flying past
 the overlook at Boone Dam.

 These birds in the S.F. Holston river drainage of
 Sullivan Co.   Nothing to get excited about.  Not even
 unusual by any stretch of the imagination.

 But the suspicious pair at Rockhold church has
 captured my imagination more and more for the past
 month.  I have searched a couple of miles along here.
 I have walked the roads and looked and looked.  Sat
 and watched from my car for a few hours. 

 Haven't even seen the Ospreys perched in the same tree.

 What is causing me to act so silly ?

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  30 March 2009
  Sullivan Co., TN

  South Fork Holston River
  just south of Sharp Hollow Rd. intersection

  Osprey - 2  One gave the loud, clear whistle
  several times.  It dove in the river from its
  perch along the islands north or Rockhold
  church.  Then flew a mile up the river with a
  small fish.  It could be seen circling several
  times.  Then it quickly returned without the
  catch and went back to the same perch limb
  in the same tree.  I drove up to where it had
  circled and there was a different Osprey
  perched there.

  Painter Creek Embayment
  South Holston Lake
  TN Rt. 44

  Great Egret still present (same as yesterday).

  Let's go birding . . . 

  Wallace Coffey
  Bristol, TN

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