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The date for the Butterfly Seminar at Steele Creek Park has been changed to May 
24, 2008. More details will be posted later. 
Larry McDaniel

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A small group of people held a Butterfly Club Organizational Meeting on January 
6, 2008, at Steele Creek Park in Bristol, TN to discuss ideas on the formation 
of a new butterfly club in the area. We want there to be a club that has 
fieldtrips, programs and occasional meetings. We chose to name it the Mountain 
Empire Butterfly Club. We wont be limited to butterflies. Moths, dragonflies, 
damselflies and whatever are of interest. A set of officers are in place and we 
are now recruiting members. At this time there are no membership dues. This 
club could go in a number of directions. One possibility is it becomming a 
chapter of national organizations.   We have already scheduled a Butterfly 
Seminar at Steele Creek Park on May 17, 2008. It will include programs, a field 
trip, refreshments and an oppotunity to meet other enthusiast. We also intend 
to have independant fieldtrips, fieldtrips at established events, a photography 
workshop and participation in area butterfly counts. I will create a group 
e-mail list to include anyone wishing to be on it. It's purpose will be to keep 
people informed of developments and upcomming events. We have agreed to use the 
Butternut list serve as a means to report sightings for the time being. If you 
would like a more detailed summary of the Butterfly Club Organiztional Meeting 
that was just held I will be happy to send you a copy. If you would like to be 
on the group list of contacts mentioned above just let me know. Larry 
McDaniel(423) 773-9234  

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