[Bristol-Birds] Re: Least Bittern at Rural Retreat Lake

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This record is in Wythe Co., VA
and not at Wytheville.....sorry about that ooops.

Wallace Coffey
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   Rural Retreat Lake
   Wytheville, VA
   20 Aug 2010

   Had the first Least Bittern I've seen in the region in several years
   today while birding and butterflying at Rural Retreat Lake.  It took
   me with much surprise.

   A source near Rural Retreat Town Hall told me to have a
  deposition taken on this record with the bird authority of 
  Wythe County.  That took me to the doorstep of former BBC
  members Dick and Judy (Musick) Moose.  I found my way into
  their absolutely beautiful neighborhood of lovely homes and quickly 
  searched them out.  She gladly too my sworn record and
  reminded me that she had both the Sora and Virginia Rail at 
  that site early in the breeding season.  Oh well.....

  Let's go birding . . . .

  Wallace Coffey
  Bristol, TN

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