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January 6, 2008

Various commitments kept me in Greeneville this afternoon, but I was able to 
spend about 2.5 hours birding in western Greene County this morning.  The 
weather was intermittently rainy but in general was good for bird-finding.  Key 
stops were at two Lick Creek Bottoms Wildlife Management Area units--the 
Skinner Crossroads (SC) unit (located at the intersection of North Mohawk Road, 
South Mohawk Road, and Highway 348) and the Joachime Bible Refuge (JBR) 
(located along South Mohawk Road and Matthews Lane).  I also checked a few 
backroads in the vicinity of LCBWMA and at other points not far away.  
Highlights included:

Gadwall (2);
American Black Duck (2, Gravel Woods Road);
Northern Shoveler (11, Gravel Roads Road);
Ring-necked Duck (3, Gravel Woods Road);
Eurasian Collared-Dove (adjacent to West Greene High School);
Loggerhead Shrike (intersection Bible's Chapel Road / South Mohawk Road);
Horned Lark (30+, adjacent to SC);
Hermit Thrush (JBR);
Brown Thrasher (adjacent to JBR);
American Pipit (3, including one later in the day in the Tusculum area);
Palm Warbler;
Vesper Sparrow (JBR) (only my second January record in Greene County);
Fox Sparrow (JBR);
Swamp Sparrow (15);
Lapland Longspur (adjacent to SC); 
Purple Finch (6--5 on Jarrell Road, 1 later in the day in Greeneville).

Don Miller
Greeneville, Greene Co., TN
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